Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wooden blocks.

I don't need more stuff.

I do, however, want more experience. I want to taste fine food, travel to different countries and try lots new experiential stuff. And, this is what I want for my girls.

Now here comes the tricky part. I love to give presents and I love to make stuff. I guess I've decided to combine these efforts by making gifts for people I love and enjoying the process of doing so with the family.

We decided to make chalkboard blocks for our dear friends' kiddos. 
Here's a pic of where we stole the idea. 

(Whoever originally came up with the painted block idea, you are rad.)

So you aren't completely stumped out of your gourd on how we made these, 
here's some pics of our recent journey.
Grammy nominated hands using a table saw = super scary.

 Chalkboard paint, I can't quit you.

 Blocks for Baby of the Black Moon.

Big blocks for Nadi and Vivi. 

We had blast making these little guys. 
Fingers crossed they enjoy playing with them as much as we did making them.

Cheers to wood, paint and good old-fashioned family time.

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  1. Hi Celeste - take a look at this link... Our dear friend Johanna painted her nursery with a chalk board wall. It's super cute...