Monday, January 24, 2011

Hope Farmer's Market

Good People, I love the whole Farmer's Market movement. I am so down with eating organic food and supporting local farmers. I like knowing the people who grow my food that I feed my children. The list of reasons why to eat organic, locally grown food is so long that I won't go there today.

I just have one teeny-weeny complaint about Farmer's Markets. I have a lot of stuff to do on Saturday mornings. I can't always make it from 8am - 1pm on a Saturday to do my grocery shopping. I've got garage sales to visit, kiddos' social calenders to coordinate and simple house-cleaning duties to complete.

And that's why I'm really digging the Hope Farmer's Market in East Austin. I like the Sunday from 11am - 3pm approach. It fits my groove just a little better.

Might I recommend The Gardener's Feast Chiapaneco tamale. Super tasty organic masa envelopes are stuffed with a yummy combination of chicken, spicy mole, raisins, and prunes. (Sorry there's no image, but the evidence was down the hatch before I could snap a picture.)

And of course, the veggies from Johnson's Backyard Garden are always awesome. 

I dig purple cauliflower.
  Good, local cheese. Ain't that something.

How about incredibly chic feather hair pieces for you and yours?

$4 a strand!
So...if you find yourself looking to buy some fresh turnips and taste lots of yummy food samples on a Sunday after 11am, Hope Farmer's Market is the place for you.

The vendors are ever-changing and always good.

PS: A live DJ booth providing cool jams and free margaritas this past weekend was a nice touch too.

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