Monday, January 10, 2011

sisters of the black moon.

These Texas-based stylists are beyond delicious. From their goddess-like poses, to their incredible wardrobe collection, to who they choose to collaborate with... these chicas are seriously on top of their game. I want to take their portfolio, proudly storm Anna Wintour's office and say, "Step off, Manhattan. These gorgeous and talented ladies got it going on! Right here in the ATX."

thank you for inspiring me so very much. 
Can I be like a distant cousin or something?

And, GIANT shout-out to Alexandra Valenti for the photography and who just took fotos of The Husband for his latest music project. I would like to continue shouting for Laura Kaulalaau who did make-up and Danann Patrick who did hair and those fabulous headdresses. 

I was so born in the seventies.

PS: If you too want to become a sister of the black moon,
you can at least check out their killer Ebay store here.

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