Friday, March 30, 2012

Enjoy some Cronic Love!

I don't know about you, but I finally feel caught up from the tidal wave of SXSW that hits Austin every year.

I finally have a minute to mention the World Premiere film screening and afterparty I helped produce for the delightful US-Cuban film, Amor Crónico
Amor Crónico stars the glamorous Grammy-nominated artist CuCu Diamantes as she returns to Cuba for an 8-city tour of the island.  Directed by Jorge Perugorría (lead actor of Oscar-nominated “Fresa y Chocolate”) and produced by Grammy-award winner Andrés Levín along with Oscar-nominated producer Sarah Green, Amor Crónico is a unique Cuban music docu-comedy that weaves live footage of CuCu Diamantes’ musical performances across Cuba with a fictional love story that captures her return to the island.  
It is such a charming film and the music is AWESOME!!
It was a blast to work with producer Andres, Cucu, Ayleen Perez and Morgan Pollitt from Sarah Green Film Corporation.
Check out Amor Crónico's trailer and some fun pics.

The Afterparty, held at the Highball, was a total blast - -with the drinks flowing, Cucu's amazing performance and lots of Austin's local celebrities.

Cucu Diamantes is an amazing performer and if you ever have the chance to see her, seize the opportunity!!  And hopefully, Amor Crónico will come to your town soon!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Texas Film Hall of Fame 2012!!

I just produced the Texas Film Hall of Fame for the fifth year in a row! And this year was AMAZING!! Better than EVER.

What is the Texas Film Hall of Fame, might you ask?  

Short story: it's a fabulous red-carpet, star-studded cocktail party, sit-down dinner, and awards show for about 1300 people.

Long Story: The Texas Film Hall of Fame was founded in 2001 by the Austin Film Society to honor outstanding Texans who've made a significant contribution to film-making and entertainment, and non-Texans who have made strides in the Texas entertainment industry. Classic Texas films and television programs are also honored, with a member of the cast or creative team accepting on behalf of his or her colleagues. After a decade of celebrations at AFS’s own Austin Studios, this year the elegant, Austin-styled, red carpet event moved downtown to ACL Live at the Moody Theater. As always, it falls on the Thursday before the world-renowned SXSW Festival.

What's my job? I'm the Creative Director. That means I come up with a show/concept/design (aka the whole enchilada) and direct a team of fabulously creative folks to help carry out the vision. I also get to wear two headsets, pass out parking permits and unload heavy boxes in the rain.

Just livin' the dream, just livin' the dream.

Here's a few pictures of the event:

(foto by Houndstooth Studio)

(foto by Houndstooth Studio)

(foto by John Leach)

(foto by John Leach)

(foto by John Leach)

(foto by Gary Miller)

(foto by Gary Miller)
(foto by Gary Miller)

(foto by Chale Nafus)

(foto by Chale Nafus)

That's me, Folks!! I look a wee bit tired after 16 hours on my feet. 
(I'm much cuter around 12 hours... on my feet.)

I couldn't even begin to thank all the people and businesses who need thanking, but here are a few:
Lauren Stone, Amy McDonnold, Blue House Design, FBA, Grupo Fantasma, Houndstooth Studio, Kendra Scott Jewelry, Coco Coquette, Vintage Vivant, Transplants, Ruby Rico Productions, Olden Lighting, KLRU, ACL Moody Theater and of Austin Film Society, who lets me spend oodles of their money... to raise BIG-TIME oodles of money, of course.

And let's raise our glasses to the photographers that capture the moments and make all of us look so foxy: John Leach Photography, Fun Loving Photos, Champion Printing, Chale Nafus, Annie Ray, Alison Narro and Gary Miller.