Friday, January 21, 2011

Callahan's General Store.

If I have to explain why Texas is cool as sh*t, then this blog posting isn't for you.

I love New York and have lived there twice. I love Los Angeles and wanna spend more time there. I love DC and its rich history, cosmopolitan atmosphere and urban street culture.  I love San Francisco and its amazing art, food, wine, and technology scene.

But nothing, I'll tell you NOTHING, has that certain earthy, down-home, funky flavor of Texas - like Texas. You can walk out of your house... wearing a jog bra, a wife-beater, chanclas with socks and hop into your minivan listening to some Girl in a Coma full blast while on your way to pick up some chicken feed, and no one will say a word. Trust me.

But, say for instance, you aren't from Texas and happen to be in Austin? Well, you can drive on down to Callahan's General Store and earn your Texas badge of honor and wear it proudly, on the inside.

 Right off 183 and 71.

 Cutest little buggers. 
Come in on Thursday to get the best selection.

 My dream fridge.

Two haystacks fit in the back of a Toyota Matrix.

So next time you need to go to Home Depot, do yourself a favor and swing by Callahan's instead. 

That's right you're not from Texas
But Texas wants you anyway. 

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