Friday, January 14, 2011

graham williams

Just utter the name "graham williams" to any music nerd in this town, and they know who he is. The guy who booked Emo's for 10 years. You know, the dude who founded FUNFUNFUN FEST and Transmission Entertainment. The dude who came up with the whole concept of FREE WEEK on the Red River music turf. The most under-stated, level-headed, non-animal eating, non-drug doing and alcohol-free dude out there in the music world.

To me, he'll always be my little brother. The one who couldn't stand the smell of bacon in the morning. The one who was reading noam chomsky at a very, very young age. The one who could shimmy up any pole on the playground. The one who totally got on my nerves when I was a teenager. The one I bailed out when he got caught stealing at Tower Records. The one who fell madly, truly, deeply in love with his soul-mate at 21 years old and had the balls to marry her six months later.

That's the one.
(pic taken in Guatemala)

(pic taken in Virginia)

(pic taken in Texas)

(pic taken on top of the world.)

Well, thanks for being my brother. 
I couldn't have picked a better one to look up too, literally and figuratively!

happy birthday (weekend), little brother! You are so loved.

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  1. I remember his turtles in the backyard near Forest Hills park! In my mind he's forever that Virginia boy.