Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am a spice girl.

I love the allure of spice.

Faraway lands growing exotic flavors. Little tiny jars filled with yummy tastes and smells. Beautiful earth-colored dust that adds magic to cakes, coffees and cookies.  The seeds of ancient plants in brown paper packets...

Spice is the mystical dust that makes mere cooking become alchemy.  And once you are hooked on the art of cooking, you have to figure out where to get the ingredients to cast your spell.  Well rest assured, we can all become attempt to become a magician in the kitchen with Austin's new Savory Spice Shop.

I've been wondering to get Grains of Paradise.
Thank goodness I've finally found them.

 These little pink peppercorns are kinda sweet and super savory.
Gotta try them whole.

 Neil Young must have stopped here before he wrote Cinnamon Girl because this stuff is the bomb.

Hope to see ya on the exotic aisle.

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