Thursday, January 6, 2011

barley swine.

Yea, that's right. I've fallen victim to the trailer craze.

I'm the mom who piles the kids in the minivan and drives clear across Austin to try new, recently reviewed, mobile dining spot. I'll pack up their chicken nugget vittles, get The Husband some beer and indulge in my secret "food critic for the New York Times" fantasy world.

One of my very, very, very favorites is The Odd Duck. (I have a thing for birds). It's simply fine dining priced right and served in a little paper trough. Eating with a plastic fork never tasted so good.

Here, let me try to explain: 

soft boiled duck egg, grits, mushrooms, brussel sprouts $5 
grilled goat cheese sandwich with butternut and mushroom  $4 
half of quail with napa cabbage, arugula, cilantro and cheddar $6 

Need I say more?

Well, bless my vegetarian bones! Owner Bryce Gilmore, has opened a land-locked restaurant called Barley Swine. I haven't tried it yet, but expect a review by craftbox agency soon.

And if you've been there, please leave us your thoughts.

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