Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Raiders of the Lost Decor.

Friends, I am the Event Producer of the Texas Film Hall of Fame. Its certainly one of the coolest events in town and I am honored to work with the good folks at Austin Film Society for my fourth year. But more on that subject later...

With an event this large, the key to success is collaborating with fabulously creative minds.  Recently, the decor team (the awesome gals at Prototype Vintage Design) and I had the opportunity to stop by Strong Productions and take a tour of their decor warehouse.

Wow, wow and more wow, you know that last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark? The one where they store the ark's crate in that massive warehouse and realize there's a ton of mysteries of the world we'll never know about. Well, that's what Strong Events was kinda like. Amazing decor adventures stacked to the high heavens.

 Need one of these guys?

 By the way, those lions are huge.

 Leaning Tower of Pisa ended up here.

 You need this cool head for your Mardi Gras soiree.

 Bolts and bolts of fabric and drapery.

The elves working away. Notice that giant Roman statue in the back.

If you ever have a need for some very cool decor options, you must schedule an appointment at Strong Productions. You will not be disappointed. Ask for Kyle... and tell'um Celeste sent ya. Or better yet, hire me for your next event, and I'll go for you.

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