Monday, February 21, 2011

Musical Guest Adrian Quesada Presents... Songs You Must Hear.

Adrian Quesada, take the mic.

Who am I? I am a musician/producer/composer/etc based in Austin, TX who won over the wife almost ten years ago when I matched her tequila for tequila. I'm also the secret behind the scenes editor of the blog sometimes but I get no credit for that.

For my first installment of "Songs you must Hear" on the wife's skullcrushing blog, I will list seven songs from a wide variety of genres and eras I feel could change your life, or your day at least...focusing on stuff a little out of the mainstream. I'm not a snob by any means and the wife and I aren't above rockin' to Jay Z or Queen or singing B's "All The Single Ladies" with our 5 year old daughter but I'm not gonna waste bandwidth telling you the Beatles kick ass.

I've attached a link so you can enjoy most of 'em with the click of a mouse. Hopefully you like the stuff as much as I do and maybe discover something new, if you already know this stuff even better, knew you'd have good taste if you're on this blog!

A. A. Bondy - How Will You Meet Your End

I'm not the most lyrical person in the world but damn the simplicity in these and the sparseness of the song get me every time....this is probably my number 1 driving home from a gig late night song. This is haunting and beautiful.

I love how you can find so many versions of songs from the 60s and 70s and obviously there are hundreds and hundreds of Beatles covers. But this one is special, it was hard for me to hear the original after this. This is Psychedelic Motown at it's finest.

Los Pasteles Verdes - Esclavo Y Amo
One of the most haunting boleros (ballads) ever, funky drums, farfisa organs all drenched in liquor and reverb. Maybe a little melodramatic but it's pretty gut-wrenching, plus it sounds like Ghostface Killah could just bust out of nowhere and rhyme on it

Los Chicos Aventura - Otro Ladrillo en El Pared

My friend Mexican Dubwiser from Monterrey turned me onto this. I've seen him destroy dance floors over and over with this. It gets em every time, always puts smiles on faces. Synth Cumbia cover of "Another Brick in the Wall."

Yonlu - I Know What It's Like

I first heard this song and thought it was incredible, only to find out it was written by a Brazilian kid who was all of 16 (!) years old when he wrote AND recorded it. The story gets extremely tragic as he went on to commit suicide and Luaka Bop records eventually compiled the album and released it quietly. An amazing document of a young genius who left us too early, it's a little hard to make it through the whole record with the back story honestly but it's worth a try.

Trevor Dandy - Is There Any Love

I can hear the intro on repeat over and over, I hardly make it into the middle of the tune. Apparently, Monsters of Folk felt the same way, I heard something recently where they "sampled" (?) this.

Jingo - Fever
AFRO FUNK. As good as it gets. If this doesn't get you dancing don't know what will.
So that's it, folks! 
Thank you Adrian, for joining us on Craftbox Agency. We think you are super cool.
me + you = for-eva'.

Stay tuned for Songs You Must Hear Volume 2.


  1. omg i LOVE that A.A. Bondy song!!!! that means you now have carte blanche to recommend anything, and i will love it. can't wait to listen and enjoy all these tracks. thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Grammy! and btw, i, too, would love to sing 'All The Single Ladies' with Amelie.

  2. love this post and you two tons. who better to turn us all on to great music than the hippest family in atx .