Tuesday, February 1, 2011


When it comes to most things, Austin is ahead of the game. Consider the music scene, the great outdoors, yummy food, progressive living, etc, etc.

But for awhile there, the fashion scene was bleak. This town was just so utterly casual, it was kinda depressing. I'm totally guilty too, but enough already with the tee-shirts and flip-flops everyday of the year.

Well Fashionistas, your time has come. You can officially wipe away your tears, rev your fashion engines and certainly mark your social calendar for some serious catwalk action!

The Proto-Hunnies from Prototype Vintage Design have answered your stylish prayers by presenting Fashion Freakout Four on Friday, February 4th at The Mohawk, along with New Bohemia and Laced with Romance.

Here's my advice. Get your hustle on and tickets fast because this baby is sure to be a sold-out event.


And everyday folks, do not be afraid. I came to this show last year only 8 month pregnant and had a total blast just enjoying the eye candy, sipping my cranberry with soda... and texting The Husband saying I'd be home late. 

Have a look-see at what the critics say:

"The Prototype Vintage Design team created quite the scene at the Fashion Freakout...if the applause, laughter, oohs and ahhs account for anything, it appeared as if Austin's hipsterati approved."
-The Austin American Statesman

"The line that snaked out the door, around the corner, as hopeful scenesters waited to get in on a one-in/one-out policy, indicated that this fashion show was worth freaking out for."
-The Austin Chronicle

"To put it simply, the Fashion Freakout blew the rest of the city's fashion shows out of the water." -Austin Style Watch

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