Thursday, February 24, 2011


In another lifetime, I'd love to be a scientist. It's not working out for me this time around, because reading about science has a tendency to make me very sleepy.

However, I have found a fabulous little science-oriented nature blog that does not make me nod off. And I must share it.

GrrlScientist writes about clever little animals, their lives and their dramas. 
For instance, check out her article entitled:

Mate Choice: When Mr Right isn't good enough

Now, I am a completely happily married woman, but a title like that is as enticing as picking up an US magazine in the grocery check-out line. Inquiring minds want to know!

Why are these little birds unhappy with their marriage? 

GrrlScientist writes:
Marriage is for the birds -- or is it? Considering the soaring divorce rates and the high percentage of cheating that occurs in marriages, it seems that birds are the only animals that are capable of maintaining a pair-bond. But according to a new study, most female birds are dissatisfied with their mates, too.

Wow! Now that's pretty interesting.

She even goes on to write when Mrs. Bird isn't happy, she doesn't want to reproduce and her stress levels are higher. whoa.

Check her weighing out her options! I love it! 
I've seen a very similar occurrence at a bar the other night.

So if you enjoy learning about the parallels of our lives in the lives of animals, then you just might enjoy: a nature network blog by GrrlScientist.

I sure do.

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