Monday, February 14, 2011

Laced with Romance

Be still my beating heart.

Valentine's Day must be celebrated with a bang... and there is no better way to accomplish that than to feature the Austin boutique Laced With Romance and its owner, Stephanie Villalobos-Fellabaum.

Laced With Romance is a precious hidden jewel tucked away on South 1st Street. Gotta look closely to see it while driving by.... but one step into this stylish vintage den, and you will never forget its location. It is beyond fabulous. I found 20 items I wanted to purchase on the spot.

Creative visionary Stephanie Villalobos-Fellabaum is the perfectly charming hostess at this haute house of yester-year's couture. But the buck certainly doesn't stop here with just vintage-wear.

Villalobos-Fellabaum also curates an incredible collection of handcrafted jewelry and accessories including pieces by Bad Panda Jewelry, Rima Hyena, and Texas Hatters. She has magically harmonized the last six decades of fashion with current, innovative artisans  - and made a divine concoction that is indeed, Laced With Romance. 

Let's learn a little about what makes Stephanie Villalobos-Fellabaum tick:

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

• Sunsets in The West Texas mountains
• Watching ideas manifest into something greater then I could imagine
• Complete silence
• Complete chaos
• Jameson's, a warm bath, Nag Champa, and my record player spinning the haunting voice of Hope Sandoval
• Staying in bed all day on a Sunday

What is your greatest fear?

• being afraid.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

• my husband Aaron
• my wife Tammy
• my cat Sterling

What do you value most in your friends?

• The ability to see/be themselves in-spite of how painful or awkward it might be.

What is your favorite item of clothing?

• My smokey quartz hand cast, Rima Hyena, shaman necklace

Who are your real heroes in life?

• The dreamers and the twisted eccentrics!

Favorite discovery

• Jennifer Raines, she's honestly the strongest woman I know!!!

Who inspires you

• Right now....Karl Lagerfeld!
I love his work, but honestly, what inspires me most about the man! I love his aesthetic! He is the epitome of effortless eccentric elegance. Something I find myself drawn to time and time again.
Check out this video from his 2009 Chanel Pre-Fall Moscow Accessory Collection. It absolutely slays me!!!

Necessary extravagance

• The Fried Chicken @ East Side Showroom (east 6th)

Favorite color
• muted earthy hues & black (even if its not a color)

Favorite gadget

• my sewing machine

Favorite dessert
• creme brulee

Favorite ingredient



And now for some images featuring her gorgeous sense of style.

Whoa! Rima Hyena head-dresses are rocking my world! 
(Note to self: feature Rima Hyena on Craftbox Agency asap.)

Citizens of the World, be on the look-out. 
Laced With Romance's Stephanie Villalobos-Fellabaum is well on her way straight to the top of the fashion world's finest.

Enjoy... and have a fabulous, inspirational Saint Valentine's Day!

PS: Give a big round of applause to Fashion Freakout for producing the all killer-no filler event that some of these catwalk fotos came from. 

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