Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Add Norway to places you must see. seriously.

In 2005, Norway initiated a massive 15-year agenda to generate more tourism. The government turned to architects and designers to develop and build tourist routes and architectural rest stops to enhance the experience of the stunning Norwegian landscape.

The ongoing project has been aptly named The National Tourist Routes In Norway and features an array of architects including Margrete Friis, Peter Zumthor, PUSHAK arkitekter, Code Arkitektur, Manthey Kula, Snøhetta AS, and Jensen and Skodvin to name a few. The architects have worked together to connect the dots throughout the country and form a network of breathtaking valleys, farms, rivers, and mountain cliffs.

This Chicana Tejana has a mad crush on Northern Europe. 
From its politics to its films, design and architecture, I am seriously digging these people. 

Feel free to refer back to these pictures 
when its 110 degrees in Texas this Summer.

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  1. so amazing, and flows beautifully with the landscape