Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eastside trailer heaven

Looking for a new dining spot? 

Perhaps one that your kids can run around in, makes you seem cool to your indie friends, one you can bring your own booze to... and you can choose between perfectly delicious Fish and Chips, authentic Mexican food, fried Oreos, vegan yumminess, japanese love balls, Spanish tapas or a delicious egg sandwich?

Well my friends, look no further.

Pull on up to the Eastside Drive-in at 1001 E Sixth Street in Austin, Texas and you have found food trailer heaven. All these little spots are within 13 feet of each other.

And better yet, all the food is RAWKING!

Red double-decker bus food establishments are rad.

I have a BIG-TIME weakness for fish and chips. 
vinegar and fried food = heaven

Step off, Penelope. 
La Tasca food trailer, you are a sleek Spanish beauty.

People, I own chickens. Does that tell you how I feel about eggs?

Okay - I love your name and I am crazy about pickled ginger.

Pig Vicious. I am a vegetarian, yet drool when I smell bacon.

This trailer makes people of my Mother Country proud.

Calories are your friends.

What more can I say? Vegans don't hurt animals. Vegans rule.

Seriously. How can you go wrong? 
Don't forget a bottle of red or a six pack. 
And bring some Wet Ones. Your kids will run around, get dirty and have a total blast.

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