Friday, April 8, 2011

Carrie Hiner-Berry, Beauty Sorceress!

Think about it. Getting a facial is a kinda intimate experience. You are laying down while your eyes closed. You are about to have someone bending over you examining at your face with a magnifying glass, looking at every imperfection you've acquired over the years. Your tiny little pores are hovering in fear while a bright light is shining on them...

But in walks someone like the fabulous Carrie Hiner-Berry, and you can immediately wash away your facial fears. From the moment you look at her flawless skin, her big brown eyes and her super sweet know that you and your wrinkles can rest at ease. It is time to embrace your own personal beauty and thoroughly enjoy the next hour or so.

Carrie, of Bella Salon in Austin, Texas, is the kind of gorgeous gal that isn't intimidating and seriously knows her stuff.

Just look at this face!
And these days, with so many treatments on the market, you want to make sure you can trust the person your are opening your pores up too. You can ask Carrie anything about her services, her favorite products and she'll give you an honest answer.

Let's learn a little more about Carrie Hiner-Berry... her likes, dislikes and maybe even few beauty tips!

What do you value most in your friends? Honesty, of course. A true friend doesn't always tell you what you want to hear. (See! what did I tell you?? - the girl likes HONESTY!)

What is your favorite item of clothing? A '70's suede vest that I met my boyfriend in. He reminds me of this often, so I'd never get rid of it.

Who are your real heroes in life? Single mothers and fathers that do their very best to raise happy well adjusted children.

What is your greatest fear? What the world will look like when my boys are adults.

Favorite discovery - My father's vinyl collection.

Favorite color - The deepest of blues.

Who inspires you - Hud and Sawyer, my little boys make me strive to be a better person. My heart is an ocean when it comes to them.

Five Best things to do for your skin
1. Stay hydrated
2. Eat a balanced diet with limited dairy and sugar
3. Exfoliate
4.Wear a sunblock of at least 25 daily
5. Keep a good night routine. Our cells are most receptive to change when our bodies are at rest.

Top 5 Beauty Products
1. Sircuit X-trap cleanser- gentle for all skin types
2. Sircuit OMG serum- helps with cell resuscitation and fine lines
3. Priori Radical Defense- an sunblock with Idebenone (a powerful antioxidant)
4. Organic Coconut oil- non pore clogging and just plain yummy
5. Sircuit white out- relieves puffiness and diminishes dark circles under the eye

Carrie Hiner-Berry.
Musician. Model. Nurturer. 
Healer. Beauty Sorceress.
Mama of two sweet boys.

Go see Carrie.
Her magic beauty fairy dust
and facial healing powers will make you glow with love.

Carrie Berry Skin Care is based in Bella Salon on West 6th. 

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