Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sticks and saplings are a common material that everyone knows and has personal associations with. They are the material of childhood play, indigenous tribes and gardeners. Give a child a stick and you see that immediately it is a weapon, a tool or a magic wand. For me sticks are lines with which to draw. I use many of the drawing conventions that someone using a paper and pencil might employ. Also, I have learned to amass the smaller ends of sticks in one direction which gives the impression that the surface is moving. As long as I continue to make discoveries about how to employ saplings in interesting ways, I am hooked on them as a way to build sculptures that I dream about. 
~ Patrick Dougherty

Check out Patrick Dougherty’s site to learn more about his amazing work.

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  1. I am just imagining what sort of damage my three boys would rain down upon those lovely pieces of art!