Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jabuticaba: Strange Fruit

Faraway lands with strange fruit.

Enjoy Jabuticaba. This fruit is from South America.

Jabuticaba (also called the Brazilian Grape Tree) grows off the trunk of the tree, can be plucked and eaten straight off of it.

Jabuticaba has evolved so that animals that cannot climb very high can reach it, eat it and then expel the seeds away from the parent tree to further propagate the species.

 Common in Brazilian markets, jaboticabas are largely eaten fresh; their popularity has been likened to that of grapes in the US. Fresh fruit may begin to ferment 3 to 4 days after harvest, so they are often used to make jams, tarts, strong wines, and liqueurs

Several potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory anti-cancer compounds
have been isolated from the fruit.

Thanks for the fruity cool info, Kuriositas!

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